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The Karam Team

Grand Master Harvey Karam, 7th Dan Black Belt

Founder of Karam’s Martial Arts in 1975 in Tuscarawas County. Master Harvey Karam was born 9-16-42 and passed away on 7-25-07 at the age of 64. GM Karam trained under General, Grand Master Dong Hi Choi and he earned his 7th Degree Black Belt in TKD. GM Karam had taught 1,000’s of students and was a very dedicated instructor and cared for every student as if they were his own. We are so very Honored and Proud to continue his legacy.

Please visit the hallway near the steps to learn more about Grand Master Karam.

Matt Karam 3rd Dan Black Belt, BA in Finance and Real Estate

Oldest son of GM Harvey Karam and responsible for continuing the mission of Karam’s Martial Arts. Matt started classes at age 5 and has earned his 3rd Dan Black Belt. Matt is the winner of numerous TKD tournaments and competed nationally. Matt has instructed Martial Arts Classes at KSU Tusc. Branch, many local elementary and high schools. Mr. Karam has had the privilege of instructing 1,000’s of students in his career. He and his wife, Audra have 4 children. All of their children have earned their Black Belts under his instruction. The family tradition and mission of Karam’s Martial Arts continues on.

Matt earned his BA Degree in Finance and Real Estate from Colorado State University.

Audra Karam, BA in Child Life Specialist

Wife of Matt and responsible for the developing the children’s curriculum at Karam’s. Her skills were instrumental in developing the children’s aspect of Karam’s Ninja program. Audra’s experience is most valued by our team as she assists families through the program.

Audra earned her BA Degree as a Child Life Specialist from The University of Akron.

A Special Note from Mr. and Mrs. Karam: 
“We are very excited to have you joining our school, and family, and are committed to seeing you to Black Belt and Beyond!”

Karla Postlethwait: Branch Manager and Program Director

Karla started with Karam’s by enrolling her 2 sons, Logan and Kylar in 2007. Karla appreciated the mission of the school and joined the Karam Team as a Program Director in 2009. Karla is instrumental in developing a sense of community in the school and acting as the Chief resident leader.

Logan earned his Black Belt in 2014 and her second son, Kylar, is on the path to earning his Black Belt with Mom.

Toby Smith: Head Instructor, 2nd Dan Black Belt, Retired Ohio State Patrol Academy Instructor, MA Project Management (PMP)

Toby’s experience and versatility in the Martial Arts is unique and deserving of much respect. Toby has been a student of GM Harvey Karam and earned a 2nd Dan Black Belt in 1981. He has been training since 2004 in Brazilian Jujitsu, earning a 2nd Stripe Brown Belt, plus studied intensively for 4 years in Krav Maga. He has served as one of our Ohio State Patrolman for 25 years and most notably 6 of those years he was an Instructor at the Ohio State Patrol Academy. Toby currently has earned the title of Assistant Director of Security with the Ohio Industrial Commission. Toby has instructed 1,000’s of students while holding positions as an Officer with the State as well as Martial Arts.

Toby earned his MA Degree from DeVry / Keller School of Business.

Toby Professional Awards:
• Ohio Court Bailiffs Maximizing Excellence Award 2002
• Ohio Patrol Auxiliary Award for Excellence 2003
• District 2 Sergeant of the Year 2008
• Ohio Supreme Court Justice Stratton Award for Excellence 2010
• Safety Driving Award 1990 to 2015
• Fitness Award with a Star 1992 to 2015
• Industrial Commission Employee of the Month 2017

Eric Heller, Special Needs Instructor and Assistant Instructor, 1st Dan Black Belt

Eric began in martial when he was about 7 years old with his father. Eric joined us and has been as assistant instructor since 2013. Eric is currently employed by U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs as a Security Specialist and he is also earned the position as an Axillary on the Ohio State Patrol. Eric is responsible for creating individual lesson plans for our students with disabilities and to be a continuing resource with the goal of mainstreaming all students.

Pete Lengyel, Assistant Instructor and student

Pete and his Lisa began taking lessons with GM Karam in approximately 1995. Their daughter Carrigan earned her Junior Black Belt in our program and their son Noah is currently in our program.

Jack Thomas, Assistant Instructor and student

Jack has been a student at Karam’s since 2015. He began as a White Belt and worked on increasing his skills and training daily. As a result his dedication and leadership skill he was invited to join our team.

Leah Harmon, Assistant Instructor, Earned Jr. Black Belt

Leah graduated the Ninja Curriculum as a Junior Black Belt in 2016. Leah is a member of the band and enjoys assisting students with anything they need.

Danielle, Assistant Instructor, student, and Licensed Elementary school Teacher

Daniel has been working with children in education for many years. She is committed to help out students learn, develop and grow. We are happy to have her on board.